Screen Captures from “Damnation” Edit

A couple of screen captures from the edit process for my feature film Damnation, which I’ve begun work on over the past couple of days.

Brittney Jean Blake as Eve.

Nicole Steeves as Lara.

Andy Stephenson reviews The Other Side of Truth

From Amazon UK, Andy Stephenson reviews The Other Side of Truth:

Unashamedly autobiographical and speculative, while solidly grounded in well-referenced objectivity, “The Other Side of Truth” utilises the author’s active interest in the paranormal to peer around the edge of perception in an attempt to glimpse some of the reality at the heart of the human condition. Kimball takes the supernatural in hand to break through the language barrier inherent in all such speculations and goes on to explore humankind’s mysterious, puzzle-like relationship with scientific progress, art, music, film, works of fiction, philosophy, politics, theology, history, and all forms of the imagination. Part travelogue, the book consistently deepens the mystery with a whole range of references to the author’s experience of the paranormal via personal anecdote and investigation, always bringing the reader back to the essential question begging to be asked in a society overridden with banality and spectacle – ‘who are we, and even more importantly, who do we want to become?’ There are photographs throughout, and the bibliography and footnotes are great for further reading. Overall, it’s an intriguing, all-encompassing, concise, funny and sometimes moving page-turner, and, if all that doesn’t take your fancy, it’s still a fantastic book about UFOs and ghosts and stuff.

Principal photography completed on Damnation

Principal photography has been completed on Damnation, the feature film written and directed by Paul Kimball. The film is scheduled to premiere in London, England, in May 2013.

Happy birthday to Jim Kimball

Happy 45th birthday to Redstar’s #1A, my younger brother Jim, who has been on every production since 2002. Here’s a photo of us in our early days.

Jim is the one in the stock!

– Paul Kimball

Paul Kimball on Radio Amerika Now

Paul Kimball will be discussing The Other Side of Truth on Radio Amerika Now with Barb Adams on December 29, 2012, from 8 pm to 9 pm PST (11 pm to Midnight EST).

Nick Redfern reviews “The Other Side of Truth”

Author Nick Redfern (Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, Final Events) has been kind enough to review Paul Kimball’s The Other Side of Truth.

An excerpt:

“What we have with The Other Side of Truth is one man’s long and winding, personal transformation and his journey into a world populated by some form of intelligence that knows us far better than we know ourselves and from which we can learn a great deal – if, when it enters our lives, we choose to do so.

Paul has looked for those answers, he wants those answers, and he’s found some of them. And in doing so, he has lived and learned. You can do that, too. And reading The Other Side of Truth is a great place to start.”

Rich Reynolds reviews “The Other Side of Truth”

Blogger Rich Reynolds at the UFO Iconoclasts has reviewed The Other Side of Truth. An excerpt:

“A glorious pastiche of things personal (about Paul) and things paranormal and transcendentaI… I can’t do justice to the contents of this book; it is fecund with information and insight that readers will savor and have to think seriously about. That Paul is well-read is obvious. That he’s a musician is overt too. His adoration of beautiful women is blatant. And his life has been and continues to be a journey of thought, fun, and a search for truth, which remains elusive and many-sided for him….and for us all.”

The full review can be found here.