Stanton T. Friedman is Real

Stanton T. Friedman is Real is a 2002 documentary look at the life of UFO researcher Stanton T. Friedman, aka “The Flying Saucer Physicist”, aka “The Grandfather of Roswell”. Originally made for Space: The Imagination Station and Bravo in Canada.

The film is now available as a bonus feature on the 2-disc Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings DVD. More information here.

1 x 48 minutes, Television.

Written, Produced & Directed by Paul Kimball

Director of Photography – Findlay Muir

Featuring Stanton Friedman, Karl Pflock, Vaughn Rees, Rev. Barry Downing, Kevin Randle, Dr. Benson Saler, Don Ledger.