Kevin Randle on The Other Side of Truth

Veteran researcher / author Kevin Randle joins host Paul Kimball for a wide-ranging discussion about the Roswell UFO incident, and Randle’s work over the past two years with the ”Dream Team” (Tom Carey, Donald Schmitt, Anthony Bragalia, Chris Rutkowski, David Rudiak, and … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on “Paranormal Geeks Radio”

Hi folks, Paul Kimball here. I had a great time chatting with Jim Heater on Paranormal Geeks Radio earlier this evening about The Other Side of Truth, Ghost Cases and Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings. At one point I … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on The Paranormal Podcast

Two members of the vaunted “Paranormal Rat Pack” for the price of one, as Jim Harold provides a double-dose of the paranormal with Nick Redfern in the first hour, and Paul Kimball in the second hour, of this week’s episode … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on Binnall of America

Paul Kimball returns to Binnall of America to discuss The Other Side of Truth. Tim Binnall’s recap: BoA:Audio wraps up our marathon of returning guests with an epic three hour conversation with the prolific and loquacious Paul Kimball discussing his book The Other … Continue reading

Intrepid Magazine review of The Other Side of Truth

Well-known blogger Miguel Romero, aka Red Pill Junkie, has reviewed The Other Side of Truth for Intrepid Magazine. Here’s an excerpt: In The Other Side of Truth Paul Kimball manages to be as deep-thinking as the late Mac Tonnies without … Continue reading