Damnation EPK – Paul Kimball

Writer / Director Paul Kimball discusses the characters and themes of his feature film Damnation (currently in post-production) in this excerpt from the EPK for the film.

The Other Side of Truth now available on Kindle

The Other Side of Truth by Paul Kimball is now available from Amazon for Kindle users.

Best Evidence released on DVD!

The acclaimed 2007 documentary Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings has finally made its way to DVD, with a two-disc special edition release from American distributor UFO TV. The bonus features include two other Redstar documentaries – Stanton T. Friedman is Real (2002) and Fields of Fear (2006).

The DVD is available now directly from UFO TV and Amazon, and will be available in stores and in more outlets over the next month.

Excerpts from the Damnation EPK

Actor Jacob James discusses his working relationship with writer / director Paul Kimball on the feature film Damnation, and how it really all comes down to giving each other “options.”

In this clip, James discusses filming on location in Chester, Nova Scotia.

Paul Kimball on The Paranormal Podcast

Two members of the vaunted “Paranormal Rat Pack” for the price of one, as Jim Harold provides a double-dose of the paranormal with Nick Redfern in the first hour, and Paul Kimball in the second hour, of this week’s episode of his excellent Paranormal Podcast.

Nick is the author of a number of books about the paranormal, including the forthcoming Sinister Tales of the Men in Black for Redstar Books. Paul is the author of The Other Side of Truth for Redstar Books.

Paul Kimball on Binnall of America

Paul Kimball returns to Binnall of America to discuss The Other Side of Truth.

Tim Binnall’s recap:

BoA:Audio wraps up our marathon of returning guests with an epic three hour conversation with the prolific and loquacious Paul Kimball discussing his book The Other Side of Truth. Over the course of this vast conversation, we’ll delve into the paranormal, religion, skeptics, true believers, whether the human race is a failed species, synchronicity, the envelopment of technology onto the human race, and a lengthy exchange about the afterlife.

It’s a massive conversation which spans space and time, looks at life and death, and examines aliens and elves with longtime friend of the program, paranormal pundit extraordinaire, Paul Kimball.

Intrepid Magazine review of The Other Side of Truth

Well-known blogger Miguel Romero, aka Red Pill Junkie, has reviewed The Other Side of Truth for Intrepid Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

In The Other Side of Truth Paul Kimball manages to be as deep-thinking as the late Mac Tonnies without being stuffy, and with his multiple personal anecdotes he’s as engaging as Nick Redfern, without being banal. Ultimately, the thing the reader will appreciate the most is how Paul doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the spiritual side of the paranormal phenomena, and the paranormal side of what we call the Spiritual – something rarely accepted by the sacred cows on BOTH ends of the discussion.

You can find the full review here.

Paul Kimball on Coast to Coast AM – 21 January 2013

Paul Kimball will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Monday, January 21st, from 11 pm until 2 pm PST (2 am until 5 am Tuesday morning EST for people who live on the East Coast). He will be talking about his book The Other Side of Truth.

Here’s the blurb from the C2C website.

Called the Jack Kerouac of the paranormal, Paul Kimball has been experiencing various paranormal phenomena in his travels along the weird highway of life. He’ll share his realizations that many strange experiences are actually interactions with an advanced non-human intelligence, including ghosts, time travelers from the past and the future, as well as angels and ETs.

Stay tuned for the final hour when George usually opens up the lines to callers, and you can ask Paul questions about the book, his films, or anything else.

Paul Kimball on Whispers Radio

Paul Kimball appeared on Whispers Paranormal Radio to discuss The Other Side of Truth on 7 January, 2013. You can listen to the podcast version of the episode here.

December 29, 2012 – Paul Kimball on Radio Amerika Now

Just a reminder that Paul Kimball will be on Radio Amerika Now on Saturday, December 29th, from 11 pm to midnight EST, discussing The Other Side of Truth with host Barb Adams. Calls are welcome, at 1-800-259-5791.

You can tune in here.