Episode 2.5 – Lance Moody

The Other Side of Truth II


Episode 2.5
Lance Moody – “What The Hell Was That?”


Lance MoodySkeptic Lance Moody joins Paul Kimball for a wide-ranging conversation that begins with Moody recounting how he became interested in the paranormal, and why he approaches it from a skeptical point of view. From there, the discussion delves into the nature of belief and skepticism; Moody’s investigative work that exposed author Philip Imbrogno’s spurious claims about his background; Moody’s interest in the Contactee movement, and Otis Carr in particular; the rise of paranormal-themed reality television (particularly ghost “hunting” programs) in the post 9/11 world and whether there is a link between the two; 19th century spiritualism and its relationship to science; and the 900 pound gorilla of all UFO cases, the Roswell Incident.

Lance Moody’s website

This episode was recorded on 22 July, 2013.

  • Opening Theme: “The Other Side of Truth” – mixed by Paul Kimball, and featuring “Iron Man” by Soundjay.
  • Closing music: “Go The Distance” – written by Jon Mullane and David Rashed; performed by Jon Mullane.

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