Paul Davids on The Other Side of Truth

Filmmaker and author Paul Davids (The Sci-Fi Boys, Roswell, Jesus in India, Timothy Leary is Dead) joins Paul Kimball to discuss Davids’ most recent documentary, The Life After Death Project. The film details Davids’ investigation into a sequence of profoundly strange … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on “Paranormal Geeks Radio”

Hi folks, Paul Kimball here. I had a great time chatting with Jim Heater on Paranormal Geeks Radio earlier this evening about The Other Side of Truth, Ghost Cases and Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings. At one point I … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on The Paranormal Podcast

Two members of the vaunted “Paranormal Rat Pack” for the price of one, as Jim Harold provides a double-dose of the paranormal with Nick Redfern in the first hour, and Paul Kimball in the second hour, of this week’s episode … Continue reading

Paul Kimball on Binnall of America

Paul Kimball returns to Binnall of America to discuss The Other Side of Truth. Tim Binnall’s recap: BoA:Audio wraps up our marathon of returning guests with an epic three hour conversation with the prolific and loquacious Paul Kimball discussing his book The Other … Continue reading

Intrepid Magazine review of The Other Side of Truth

Well-known blogger Miguel Romero, aka Red Pill Junkie, has reviewed The Other Side of Truth for Intrepid Magazine. Here’s an excerpt: In The Other Side of Truth Paul Kimball manages to be as deep-thinking as the late Mac Tonnies without … Continue reading

December 29, 2012 – Paul Kimball on Radio Amerika Now

Just a reminder that Paul Kimball will be on Radio Amerika Now on Saturday, December 29th, from 11 pm to midnight EST, discussing The Other Side of Truth with host Barb Adams. Calls are welcome, at 1-800-259-5791. You can tune … Continue reading

Andy Stephenson reviews The Other Side of Truth

From Amazon UK, Andy Stephenson reviews The Other Side of Truth: Unashamedly autobiographical and speculative, while solidly grounded in well-referenced objectivity, “The Other Side of Truth” utilises the author’s active interest in the paranormal to peer around the edge of … Continue reading