Episode 1.1 – Greg Bishop

The Other Side of Truth II

Episode 1.1
Greg Bishop – “Watching the Wheels”


In this episode recorded on January 28, 2011, the inimitable Greg Bishop joined me for a rambling discussion that started out about psychics, and then veered off into a host of other areas, from spirituality and consciousness, to what kind of message we should be sending to extraterrestrials, to the David Jacobs / Emma Woods brouhaha (very much an “inside the UFO subculture” thing, so you might want to skip over it), to how music and art are fundamental to understanding ourselves, to Henry David Thoreau and John Lennon and Sigur Ros, to… well, a whole bunch of stuff. All in all, it’s not an interview, but rather a conversation between two best friends about life, and how to live it… and maybe, just maybe, even UFOs.

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