Episode 1.11 – Greg Bishop

The Other Side of Truth II

Episode 1.11
Greg Bishop – “Birds of a Feather…”

In this episode I’m joined once again by good friend Greg Bishop to discuss his relationship with UFO researcher William Moore (of Roswell and MJ-12 fame, or infamy, depending upon your point of view), and Greg’s belief, based on what Moore told him years ago, that OSS and CIA veteran Harry August Rositzke (who passed away in 2002) was the mysterious “Falcon”, who supposedly headed a group of people with an interest in the UFO phenomenon as well as connections to the intelligence community in the 1980s and 1990s. We also discuss Greg’s interaction with Moore’s former research partner, the enigmatic Jaime Shandera, and the nature of the relationship between the intelligence agencies and UFO researchers throughout the years in a more general sense.

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